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  Buckfastleigh lies at the heart of Devon’s Favourite attractions - within walking distance are Buckfast Abbey, South Devon Railway, the Butterfly/Otter Sanctuary and the Valiant Soldier Visitor Centre. Nearby is the Old Racecourse, with Point-to-Points held in February and March, and the award-winning Pennywell Farm. The award-winning town centre is well worth a visit, with its attractive street frontages, craft shops, Farmers Market selling fresh organic produce, cafes and enticing narrow alleyways.

The town is well equipped with amenities - two public parks, a swimming pool, skate park, tennis courts, a bowling green and local shops. The Town holds local events throughout the year - such as the Farmers Market every Thursday, Lamb Pie day in the Spring, Pear Pie Day in the Autumn and the May Fun Day - and has many local stories and folklore for you to discover.

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